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O que nossos queridos membros estão dizendo...

"Great fucking job. It was almost impossible to get through this scene without busting a nut early. What a HOT scene this was! And holy shit - this girl..."

- Vrgoodguy, on 'Strokémon Go', /r/oculusnsfw

"That year subscription is really starting to pay off now. A-tier girls and good quality camera work = top in class. If Wankz can get Lexi Belle in for a scene then there's really no reason for me to not sub for another year."

- Uthscsamd, on 'Private Tutor', /r/oculusnsfw

"Been waiting my whole life for a woman like Lacy Lennon to be in the industry. Tonight I shall pour one out in celebration. Maybe two."

- G2kbuffetboy, on 'Red Velvet Vixen', /r/oculusnsfw

"Holy shit. Everything about Bailey is fucking amazing here. Amazing. If I were to say all the amazing things, I'd run out of bits - there aren't enough zeroes and ones in the whole internet to do her justice. Dirty talk and breathiness and super hot demeanor and she's all over my body and oil and holy shit."

- prnlvr on 'Full Body Bailey', WankzVR Forums

"Awesome scene! I loved Gianna and Whitney getting it on early on! Whitney has amazing eyes and a great tongue! Gianna is just gorgeous! I didn't make it past the girl on girl shit at the start! lol"

- Tallbloke35803, on 'Boxed Lunch', WankzVR Forums

"What an unbelievably beautiful creature! The whole package! Slamming body, beautiful face, and those eyes!! I absolutely melted when I saw those baby blues. I am in love!"

- VRpornoisseur, on 'Hard Up For Cash', WankzVR Forums